Our Services

Designed to Maintain & Enhance our Clients' Financial Security, Freedom and Peace of Mind

Financial Planning (Retirement, Income, Estate, Taxation, Legacy)

We all think about the future. Most people worry about it and the surrounding uncertainty. When can I retire and will my spouse and I have enough income to enjoy the lifestyle we want? Do we have enough assets so we’ll never be a burden to our kids? Do we have a Will or Living Trust and is it up-to-date? Are we paying more taxes than we need to? When we answer those questions, we have goals. When we establish a timetable for achieving these goals, we have a plan and we at TWM will help you do that and stay on track!

"What you keep is more important than what you make. Taxes matter!" 

Fee Based Portfolio Management & Capital Preservation

Generally, the investment portfolio we accumulate during our working years will eventually replace the earned income when we retire.  Therefore, this portfolio needs to be protected from major losses while earning a reasonable return over the years. Despite some similarities, everyone’s financial situation is different. We’ll design a portfolio that preserves capital over time and customize a strategy to fit the individual objectives of our clients.

"Successful Portfolio Management Requires Volatility & Risk Control." 

Real Estate (Residential, Vineyard, Investment, Assisted Living) 

Everyone will own real estate during their lifetime. Usually, people will buy and sell several homes. Each transaction involves major financial commitments and decisions. From buying the vacation home to downsizing from your current residence, to finding Assisted Living and Memory Care solutions for a loved one, we’ll make a complex process less burdensome while focusing on achieving our clients’ objectives.

"Real Estate has been, and is, the Most Important Asset that Americans own." 

Insurance (Life, Long-Term Care, Asset Protection)

The largest financial risk aging Americans face is the exposure to un-insured Long-Term Care Expenses. A lifetime of careful asset accumulation and financial planning is easily jeopardized if one or both spouses need long term care. We can provide cost effective solutions to protect our clients against these risks.

"Long-Term Care Expenses are the Greatest Risk our Aging Population faces!"